Martin Sweeney

Martin Sweeney of Dallas has been practicing law now for more than thirty years. He earned his Doctorate of Jurisprudence from the Cleveland State John Marshall Law School in 1980.

After graduation, Martin Sweeney of Dallas began working as an assistant county prosecutor, where he concentrated on prosecuting narcotics cases. In 1985, after also serving as Associate In-House Counsel for The Hartford Insurance Company, Martin Sweeney of Dallas moved to Texas and switched to civil law, and he has been engaged in civil litigation ever since.

Martin Sweeney of Dallas specializes in business and complicated civil defense cases. He is a member of the Texas State Bar, and the Ohio State Bar Association.

Martin Sweeney of Dallas has more than thirty years of experience as a lawyer. He has had cases referred to him by other lawyers, and considers this an excellent measure of his standing in the legal community. Yet Martin Sweeney of Dallas has an experienced understanding of the legal system in the United States. “I did not come into the business with delusions of grandeur,” he has observed. “I knew that it would be a difficult road and that it would require my utmost effort to make it this far.”

According to professional guidelines, every lawyer has a responsibility to provide free legal services to those who are unable to pay. But, for Martin Sweeney of Dallas, providing such services, called pro bono, has never been a burden. Performing those services, he says, has always been a rewarding experience.

Martin Sweeney of Dallas also volunteers much of his free time to a variety of charitable causes.